The best gardener is one who has a green thumb and an eye for detail. Whether it’s a plot of land, a park or a personal garden, he makes it look good. But to become a professional gardener you need certain skills. Find out what these are in this article.

Skills and qualities

It is important that you have certain skills if you want to become a professional gardener. The first thing you need to know is to be a team player. Because you will be working with or leading a team. It’s a gardener’s daily life to work with other gardeners. Having the good sense to collaborate with a group is a great asset for the aspiring gardener.

The professional gardener must be meticulous. He must be careful not to trivialise anything. Precision must be cultivated in his work. He will be called upon to follow a pre-established plan. In this case, every detail must be taken into account without fail. Respect for the smallest details throughout his work will be expected of him. The professional remains focused on his work to achieve a perfect finish.

In his field, plants must hold no secrets for him. The professional gardener knows the plants inside out. The familiarity between him and the plants is strict and close. He will have to know the specificities of each plant and what it needs.


There are no regulated qualifications to become a professional. But after several years of experience the gardener can become a landscape designer. For this, there are training courses with a baccalaureate level. For training in landscaping and landscape construction, the baccalaureate is required. The bac+2 gives you the right to the BTSA AP in landscaping.

The level bac+3 allows you to have a professional licence. This licence is valid for design, management and maintenance. This level of training covers the management of urban plant areas and landscape design. In addition to all this, there is the training in management of food and agricultural organisations. The latter training also leads to a professional licence.



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