The garden is a space for growing plants and other things. In order to have a good garden, not everything can be planted in it. So what are the different plants that are suitable for a garden? Here is an article on what to plant in your garden.

Leeks, salads and strawberries

These plants are generally recommended to be planted during rainy weather, preferably in June or July. Salads, leeks and strawberries take up little space in the garden. This makes it possible to plant them in large quantities or to plant other plants of your choice.

For planting, the garden must be well weeded. Then the young plants should be planted at an appropriate distance. Then they should be watered according to a well-defined programme. To facilitate the development of these plants, it is possible to mulch them so that the soil is almost always moist.

Carrots, onions

These are the ideal plants for spring and are widely eaten in all seasons. In addition to helping to maintain the garden, they are very easy to plant, even for a beginner in gardening. Onion bulbs and carrots should be planted in well-crumbled soil. This allows the roots of the young plants to penetrate deeply into the garden soil.

In addition, the plants should be separated from each other. The average distance required is about 10 to 15 cm. Afterwards, they should be watered regularly to prevent them from drying out.

Flowers and beans

Flowers are the best way to make your home beautiful, aesthetic and especially attractive. They add beauty to a house. As far as beans are concerned, there are two alternatives, namely pole beans and bush beans. The first variety, the pole bean, is the most recommended because of its high profitability.

Apart from these different plants, it is also possible to plant vegetables and aubergines in the garden.  



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