We love to see our little plants and flowers growing in our gardens or outside the garden. Among these plants that make up the garden and the environment, there are some that take several years to grow. At the same time, there are other plants that grow very quickly for our pleasure. In this article we will highlight the plants that grow quickly.

A medicinal and aromatic plant: mint

A plant that is often used in the kitchen and in many dishes or cocktails, mint is a medicinal and aromatic plant with an unusual fragrance. It is a plant that does not present any problems for growers, which has made it very easy to cultivate today and has become too invasive. It is a plant that does not need many years to grow, it grows very fast and can cover a large area very quickly and without difficulty. It is a plant of the Lamiaceae family and grows spontaneously in Europe. This hardy perennial with a fresh, invigorating scent has opposite, embossed and often hairy leaves. It also has pink, white, mauve to purple and blue flowers, all of which are summery and in spikes.

Helianthus, the plant called the sun

Helianthus is a hardy perennial plant also known as the sun. It is a plant with a wide range of species, including the famous sunflower, which is regularly found in the field. The helianthus is a plant of the Asteraceae family, which is why its flowers resemble those of the daisy. It has a phenomenal growth rate and dwarf varieties are not spared from this rapid growth. The stem of the helianthus grows up to 40 cm and in some varieties up to four metres.

Spathiphyllum, the flower of one

Spathiphyllum is a houseplant that is much easier to care for and is very pleasant. It is also called the moonflower and the best known and most sold variety of this plant on the market is Spathiphyllum Wallissii. It is a plant that has bright green evergreen leaves and white flowers that stand at the end of a long slender stem. It is also a fast-growing plant and can reach a height of 30cm in a short time.



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