Gardening is peaceful when you do not notice any problems. The plants seem to be doing well and will not cause any problems. However, everything starts to go wrong when complications arise. In this article, we present you with common gardening problems.


Plants look as if they have been eaten or eaten away by something. Holes in the middle of the leaves are noticeable. This is a phenomenon caused by snails or slugs. They take over part of the leaves and leave them frayed. When you see this botanical deficit, you are probably dealing with snails or slugs.

Snails and slugs are not the only pests. Rabbits and deer are also plant destroyers. The edges of the leaves are irregularly shaped and worn. Sometimes the plant is eaten down to the ground. In this case, mammals, rabbits and deer are visiting your garden.

There is also the phenomenon of sucking insects. Spider mites and aphids.  If the foliage is marked with spots or small dots, you are the victim of an attack by these insects.


Leaves suffer from fungal diseases. These are manifested by symptoms on the leaves. You simply notice round spots on the leaves. A kind of moss also sticks to the leaves. The plants also show scabbing. Sometimes deformed and yellowed plant material appears on the plants. Spots without a regular shape also appear.

Bacterial problems appear in the form of these symptoms. They are virulent, these problems. It is a botanical disease that spreads rapidly, mostly during irrigation. Contaminated water comes into contact with healthy plants.

Environmental problems

Too much sun has a deadly impact on plants. You will see that the leaves turn white or are white.  This is the result of a high amount of sun on your plants. On the other hand, the leaves can wilt. Diseases and pests can cause this. But more often than not, it is inadequate watering that causes this.




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